Author: Catherine Hegg

Now even more: Debt reschedulling after dispo-study! – Loan consolidation

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Banks are slowing down with high interest rates. Many bank customers have to pay almost 15 percent if they overdraw their account. The Feerate has examined the conditions of more than 1,600 banks in a recent investigation and confirmed what everyone already knew. On average, according to the consumer bank, banks demand 12.4 percent interest […]

Mini-credits of up to € 800 online!

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What to do when you need money and the bank has denied you a loan? There are times when you need urgent money and you don’t know who to turn to. Friends and family cannot help you and banks have denied your credit request. Worst of all, you know you can pay it back because […]

Online credit cards up to € 5000!

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  Do you want to make that trip that you have been putting off for so long? Do you want to have the peace of mind that you have money at your disposal for any unforeseen event? The time has come to have a credit card to have an economic safety net and not worry […]

Up to € 300 free on your first loan!

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In recent years we have been able to see how websites specialized in fast loans have increased in a large proportion due to the need to have urgent money at any time in our lives. CVLoan is a website that handles microcredit management, designed so that those who have economic problems can find a quick […]

Borrow small amount with broker.

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Borrow small amount with Broker? How do you borrow a small amount with Broker and where do you borrow a small amount with Broker? Why borrow a small amount with Broker? If you have a negative Broker, it is difficult to get money through a loan. There are few loan providers who will still provide […]

Account statement no Credit bureau entry

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Judicial action against negative Credit bureau may be worthwhile. The bank decided last year for the benefit of a consumer whose  had reported him on account of an overdraft on the overdraft of Credit bureau’s disbursement credit. The entry had to be revoked. A lawsuit is especially worthwhile against so-called soft negative features. This includes, […]