Released on bail, medical student suspected of pedophilia is again arrested in Porto Alegre

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A medical student who was arrested and released in a public prosecutor’s action last Tuesday (19) was arrested on Thursday morning (21) in Porto Alegre . He is investigated for pedophilia involving a 10-year-old boy from São Paulo.

During the fulfillment of search warrant in his house, in the neighborhood Bom Fim, was found a notebook with more than 12 thousand images of children and adolescents. The 27-year-old university student had been arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of “acquiring, possessing or storing sexually explicit or pornographic photography involving a child or teenager.”

The crime is able to pay bail, so he disbursed $ 20,000 and was released. The name of the suspect and the university in which he studies were not disclosed by the MP and the police. 

On the same day that the student of the seventh semester of medical school was released, the Civil Police asked for his preventive custody for two crimes: the same of the arrest in flagrante and the one of “entice, harass, instigate or embarrass child for the purpose with her doing a libidinous act. ” As a result, a new bail payment was made unfeasible because of the sum of the penalties provided, which exceeds seven years, which prevents the judiciary from granting the benefit.

Suspect of pedophilia

crime suspect

A medical student arrested during duty at hospital in Porto AlegreSuspect of pedophilia, medical student arrested during duty at hospital in Porto Alegre

Medical student suspected of pedophilia was taken from hospital obstetric center by policeMedical student suspected of pedophilia was taken from hospital obstetric center by police

The university student did not resist jail time. Delegate Laura Lopes affirms that he has already been taken to the Central Prison of Porto Alegre, where he will be in the common wing, because he does not have a Higher Education diploma. As provided by law, the court must return to it the R $ 20,000 paid as guarantee of freedom.

According to the promoter of Childhood and Youth Júlio Almeida, his arrest is necessary so that “evidence is not destroyed and he does not contact the victims.”

On the day of the arrest, the agents took the man from the obstetrical center of the hospital where he had been on duty at around 6:30. 

The case reached the MP of Rio Grande do Sul through the Civil Police of São Paulo. The investigation began in São Paulo territory after the father of a 10-year-old boy find dialogue with sexual connotation between the son and a false profile in social network. From the complaint, the student arrived in Porto Alegre. 

The investigation

The investigation

The 12 thousand photos found in the student’s notebook are all of boys or teenagers. According to the prosecutor, most of them are divided into folders with the children’s names. The MP and the Civil Police now want to see if he enticed the children to take the pictures and send them directly to him.

“Unlike the other pedophiles, who have pictures of East European, blond, white, and clear-eyed children, the kids who were on his computer are South American, Brazilian traits,” the prosecutor says.

Delegate Laura awaits the finalization of the analyzes of the General Institute of Skills (IGP) to close the case. As a result, files that may have been deleted or hidden will be discovered. According to her, the case will be treated with priority.