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Whats your strategy to attracting lasting traffic and visitors to your site? Are you taking advantage of SEO and the rich online marketing outlets to get your message out to your ideal audience? This website was designed to help webmasters, SEO’s, and Social Media consultants understand the Shifts and changes going on in the industry as well as strategy, techniques, and actions steps to stay ahead of the curb. It is very important that you continue your education in this industry of online marketing because change is always upon our horizon and we must learn how to adapt and make necessary adjustments to compete in web space for your industry.

HOK Sustainable Web Design will provide and share Processes, Research tools, Video Training, and Premium content covering all aspects of online marketing.  You can check out our Blog for recent updates and also take a look at our Tools + Strategy page to get an in depth look at what resources we use and how we use them.

From an SEO perspective we will provide content that will cover in depth topics such as:

  • Keyword and Niche Research- Learn how to take an in depth look inside your industries most searched for keywords and how to compile a list to base your content marketing strategy off of. Understanding certain key phrases that your audience and customers are searching for on Google is critical. Give your audience what they want by optimizing the key phrases they are typing into search engines to find companies in your industry.
  • Web Design and Critical SEO Site Structure- Learn how to create and optimize your website to get the best conversion out of your customers and web visitors. It is very important to make sure your website is search engine friendly and has all the key ingredients from an on page seo standpoint to help increase rankings.
  • Off Page SEO + Advanced Back linking Strategy- Once you set up your on page SEO such as H1 tags, Alt tags, Meta title and descriptions, and keywords within the content, Now its time to start building high quality back links. A Back link is considered a vote in Google’s eyes, Picture a Popularity content in high school. The More Links that point to your website the better your perform in the search engines. You don’t want just any link, You want to make sure the links you acquire are from High Authority – Niche related websites. You can contact us if you need help applying effective link building or need consultation on how to properly set up your off page seo campaign.

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